Erasmus+ ALIOT project and scientific activity of students from ZNTU

Erasmus+ ALIOT project and scientific activity of students from ZNTU

In April, students of Zaporizhzhia National Technical University traditionally participate in a scientific and practical conference “Science Week.” It is a traditional summing up of scientific activity of teachers, scientists, students, young scientists, and graduate students. Determination of the current state and level of these integration processes, development of further ways of development of innovative activity should become the purpose of holding a scientific and practical conference “Science Week,” which is traditionally dedicated to the professional holiday of science workers – Science Day. In 2019 the students of the Software Engineering department have presented some results, with they received in the framework of the implementation of the ALIOT project:

1. Tkachuk Ye.M. (MSc student) Developing a Smart House system control device for users with special needs (supervisor Dr. A.V. Parkhomenko).

2. Tulenkov A.V. (Ph.D. student) Investigation of the features of the Legrand hardware/software platform for the implementation of the Smart Home system (supervisor Dr. A.V. Parkhomenko).

3. Zalyubovsky Ya.I. (Ph.D. student) SAP cloud solutions for the realization of the Internet of Things technologies (supervisor Dr. A.V., Parkhomenko).

4. Bilov O.I.(BA student) Development a virtual model for a remote lab Smart home (supervisor Dr. A.V. Parkhomenko).

5. Gunko E.V. (BA student) Development of an intellectual system for traffic light control (supervisor Dr. O.N. Gladkova)

Participation of students in such events allows us to disseminate information about the project and popularize it among the youth of our university and Zaporizhzhia region at all.